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SWEP Nursery provides education to children from 18 months to 3 years old. At SWEP, we remain committed to bringing the highest quality early childhood education and care to our children and their families. We regularly updated our curricula based on international standards and our children and families needs.

In a small, home style class environment with our experienced teachers’ guidelines and school system; your child will build skills and confidence through games, songs, movement and art. By encouraging them through plays they will learn sharing, cooperating, taking turns and finally importance of being team player.

Teaching English and Thai
Our daily activities develop reading and writing skills and introduce important literacy concepts. During the day, some of activities are designed to develop speaking and language skills in both Thai and English. Everyday class teacher focuses on vocabulary development, teaching how to follow simple directions, identifying and naming familiar names in Thai.

SWEP provides English lessons 5 hours a week by experienced foreign English teachers who will give early literacy skills to children. By singing, playing, drawing and similar activities, children will learn basic vocabularies and phrases. They will learn how to follow simple directions, identifying and naming familiar names.

Math Skills
Our program offers daily opportunities for children to count, recognize numbers and shapes, and experiment with volume and measurement. Inclusion in daily routines and imaginative playtime gives your child the opportunity to further develop skills in numbers and operation, mathematics, and measurement.

Creative Arts
Children will learn to express themselves as they are introduced to various artistic activities such as dancing, painting and pretend play. Your child will learn about cause-and-effect relationships and self-expression through the arts and music, and will begin to share his or her knowledge in new ways with other children.

Physical Development
Our classrooms and equipment are designed so that children can safely explore their environment. By keeping active, your child will improve coordination, build motor skills and discover his or her physical abilities. As outside activity, children play in Nursery and KG playgrounds.

Class Size and Ages Groups
SWEP Nursery Class is designed to educate at most 15 children at the same time. Therefore, whenever the class size reaches its maximum level, the students are divided into two classes based on their ages. During the division, there is no problem about adaptation of children to their new classes because class teachers and assistant teachers are trained and prepared themselves for division.

Nursery serves whole year, there is no holiday for nursery. Since activities and teachings are mostly designed for entertaining based children never feel tired or exhausted.Children may start any time to convenient to their parent. To understand whether being ready or not, nursery teachers may help you.

8.30 9.00 Morning Activities
9.00 9.40 Lesson*
9.40 9.50 Milk Time
9.50 10.30 Lesson
10.35 11.15 Lesson
11.15 12.15 Lunch
12.15 12.55 Nap
13.05 13.45 Nap
13.50 14.30 Nap
14.30 14.45 Snack Time
14.45 15.25 Lesson
15.30 16.10 After School Turoring

* Lesson: It is not an actual lesson, class teacher teach and prepare suitable activities, games for children.
* After School Tutoring: Review and waiting parents time for children.



Siriwat School established its Kindergarten section in 2006. Currently we have more than 150 children through Nursery to Kindergarten 3 and 13 Thai and foreigner teachers with 8 assistant teachers

Our educational program is based on the combination of Thai curriculum and integrating materials and practices from English-speaking countries. We strive to provide a caring and motivating environment for children where they can grow and develop mentally and emotionally, and acquire a wide range of social and academic skills.

Education management in Kindergarten aims at supporting the students to be able to develop themselves in 4 areas as follows: physiology, mood, society, and intelligence. These aims will be achieved through learning by doing or experience. The mediums of learning are English and Thai languages in a lovely and warm atmosphere which enhances their moral, attention in their work, reading and attitude towards nature, environment and Thai wisdom.

Why Choose Siriwat

  • Qualified and experienced Thai and English teachers
  • There are three full-time teachers in every classroom, therefore all children get the care and attention they need for their emotional, social and academic development
  • English class teachers stay with the children all day and use English with the children in everyday activities, not only in formal lessons
  • Classrooms are equipped with a computer, internet access and projector, making learning more fun
  • Motivating early literacy programmed getting children ready for primary school
  • Assessments focusing on development and progress, no scores or percentages
  • Friendly family atmosphere

Teaching English
English at SWEP is an interactive and fun experience. At KG, our focus is on speaking English as well as writing, reading and students cover all English skills comprehensively. Lessons encompass a mixture of Phonics, writing, role-playing, reading and listening. Teachers are very energetic and like to see the students take center stage during lessons.

Teaching Thai
Students learn Thai everyday in class and study subjects in Thai as well as English. Our Thai lessons incorporate lots of songs and fun activities. From an early age, students learn to recognize and write and say the Thai alphabet. Special emphasis is placed on students’ learning. We also value Thai manners and proper respect for family, teachers, fellow students and community members.

Strong Collegial Relationship of Teachers
Our Thai teachers work closely with their foreign partners with the aim of providing a safe and happy learning environment with the students. Both teachers are present during lessons so that new vocabulary can be taught to students in both languages and that teachers can bond with the students by helping and encouraging them with their work. Each class has an assistant teacher who provides care, support and discipline for the students. The assistant teacher has an excellent working relationship with the Thai teacher and the foreign teacher.

Other subjects
In addition to English and Thai, KG students study Math, Life Experience, Art, Music, PE, Educational Games and Swimming. Once a week, KG 2 and 3 also attend a computer class which is taught in English. Students follow a well-balanced curriculum in order to gain a full set of skills for their later school career.

Students are given the option of joining one of the many numbers of clubs. The clubs that are currently available are the Art club, Announcer club, Inventors’ Club, Thai dance club and Story-telling club. Clubs give the students the opportunity to develop their skills in a particular area of their interest.

Field Trips
Field Trips offer exciting ways to learn. Students will have the opportunity to go on field trips at various times throughout the school year.

Duty teachers
Thai and foreign teachers are tasked to stand by the gate to greet parents, students and guests with a ‘wai’ every morning and during dismissal time in the afternoon.

Morning Activity
Morning assembly starts at 8:30 am with various activities for each day. Mondays are for vocabulary games, Tuesdays for proper Thai manners and singing, Wednesdays for Phonic games, Thursdays for aerobics and Fridays for story-telling.

Teaching Methods (foreign teachers)

English, Math and Life Experience lessons are taught in a very interactive and fun way. The foreign teachers incorporate many interesting ways of maximizing students’ learning. Optimum utilization of instructional resources is highly regarded as one of the major aspects in enhancing students’ achievement and performance. Playing in the class (class teachers) SWEP believes that happy teachers bear happy students and we like to create an environment where students can freely socialize with their peers through games and activities initiated by the class teachers both Thai and foreign.

Break time
Our teachers love to take the kids out to the playground and play with them. This is one way of getting them motivated and to take time to enjoy just being with their peers which also helps develop their interpersonal skills.

Milk Time
Each morning at 9:40 am, the kids have their milk break with the assistance of the class teachers (Thai and foreign) and also the Thai assistant teacher.

Lining up for lunch
At 11:15, the kids are asked to line up and go to the bathroom to wash their hands before going to the canteen.

Eating lunch
Before taking lunch, the kids are assisted by three teachers per class. The kids are trained to speak English when asking for more food or water and good manners are always emphasized.

Washing hands/brushing teeth
Every after lunch, the kids are taken to our very cozy bathrooms to wash their hands and brush their teeth.

8.30 9.00 Ceremony
9.00 9.40 Lesson
9.40 9.50 Milk Time
9.50 10.30 Lesson
10.35 11.15 Lesson
11.15 12.15 Lunch
12.15 12.55 Nap/Lesson
13.05 13.45 Nap/Lesson
13.50 14.30 Lesson
14.30 14.45 Snack Time
14.45 15.25 Lesson