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Admission Overview

At Siriwat Wittaya School we have designed our admission procedure to be as seamless and practical as possible.

There is no need to make an appointment, feel free to drop in and meet our friendly staff at any of our campuses. You are also welcome to call and ensure staff is available to speak to you at a convenient time.

When you visit us you can see the campus facilities and meet staff and students. There will also be the opportunity to arrange for placement tests (applicable for students entering grade 4 and above).

These tests help us to ensure a more seamless transition into the school for your child and include English language tests as well as aptitude tests, which may include maths and science subjects.

As there are no tests for students entering our schools below grade 4 (Kindergarten students and grades 1-3 Primary) a simple, friendly chat with the child will occur with the principal to help advise the teachers as to their language level.